Children House15

Our mission is to assist in the natural development of your child from birth to maturity. Our approach is relying on the child and their development, creating a prepared environment in which children can discover the world, and collaborating with parents in their development.

The purpose is to help each child reach their full potential in all areas of life. We allow each child to experience the joy of learning for themselves and help them master all their skills.

We understand education as a means to independence, autonomy, freedom, human solidarity and a preparation that will give them opportunities, responsibilities and experiences later in life.

For our purpose we are guided by the principles of Montessori after the formation of the Association Montessori Internationale.

We understand the human being as a whole and we advocate for education that covers the full development of the child’s personality, at a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Our educational project is pluralistic, tolerant and respectful to all cultural, ideological and religious tendencies, promoting the values of solidarity, respect, peace, tolerance and critical thinking. In order to get a participatory, democratic, motivating and inclusive school.

We know the importance of human development and we guide this process in which children will form themselves. We provide a prepared and natural environment in which children want to go to school and love to learn.

We consider it important to educate these children to adapt to society as free and responsible, critical and able to participate in their community based on respect and solidarity.

We follow the National Curriculum showing each of the areas, adapting the curriculum to different ages and key stages and to each children through the Montessori Pedagogy.