We believe both the food and education we give our children are two important points. Therefore, we want to offer our children a healthy meal of the highest quality possible. So we chose that our food is organic. Preferably local. We do not use processed food with added fats and sugars. We prepare our organic food without artificial colorings or preservatives. We serve fresh bread daily handmade with natural and organic sourdough.

Lunch is a moment for delighting the senses (taste, smell, touch) and a time to educate the palates of our children with a delicious and nutritious meal.

We believe that lunchtime is a ritual and we have to celebrate this moment. The children set the table with tablecloths, china plates and glasses. We have glass jars with fresh water. We also decorate the table with vases with fresh flowers. We do not start eating until all children have served themselves and are seated at the table. It is then time to sing the song and then share the food.

We believe that meal time is an important time to create habits, the children set the table and clean up afterwards. We advise them that the portion to be put into the dishes must be realistic with what they will eat, so they become aware of trash and waste that is thrown away. Thus they become aware of what they need to consume. They are introduced in recycling and this attitude is encouraged throughout the environment. Everything has a return and a sense.

This video is a good example of the importance of food in a Montessori environment:

We also run a program on the outside by growing plants and vegetables, creating compost, recycling waste, garden care…

The menus have been developed balanced with fresh, ecological and organic products. They change monthly depending on seasonal products.

The menus of each month can be found at the Parents Area. The idea is that parents bring home the menu and read it with their children in the morning so they know what they will be eating that day.

We are open to individual needs of your child.

A sample menu from last year: