The project starts from the desire as a mother to give our children a Montessori Education through a prepared environment, respectful and stimulating. Because of the difficulty to find this education, “La Casita Montessori Almería” was founded with children  3 to 6 years old. This is how the first Montessori project in Almeria begins with the opening of a little Children’s House in September 2015 with guides formed by the Association Montessori Internationale. With much effort and work we carry out our early years to start a larger project.

In September 2016 “Montessori School Almería” opens its doors as British School  in response to parents who seek quality education for their children.

We believe in a project that respects children as individuals, in which they can grow at their own pace and be stimulated and in which their craving for knowledge and experimentation is not restricted. It is a place for growth from birth to life.

Montessori School Almería (MSA) is a small school, high quality, with limited places, which guarantee an individualized education and in which we seek to address the needs of each child. We work with an approximate ratio of 20 children to 2 educators. English is the main language.


Manager and Director: Macarena Aznar Jimenez

AMI Guide House Children 3rd promotion of Santiago de Compostela IMMAC. Training Association Montessori International.

Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport. Teacher with experience with children and adolescents.

Casita founder of the Montessori School Montessori Almeria and Almeria.

intrepid traveler, doula and mother of two children.