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Founder of Montessori School Almeria. Support teacher.

AMI Guide 3-6 by Instituto Montessori de México, A.C. trained by Guadalupe Borbolla. Mother of two Montessori children. Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports. Yoga, Dance and Sports Teacher. Passionate and very hardworking. Happy to make Montessori education a reality for her community. She always takes care that everyone around her is well and happy and that the school fulfils its main mission to be a “Growing Place”, a place of growth for the whole family.

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Head teacher. Teaching Assistant

Native British teacher with great experience in British schools in the United Kingdom and Spain. Father of 3 daughters who are already at University. All children want to be involved in his lessons; always telling jokes and having fun. He makes all those who come near him happy; teachers, children and parents. He is hardworking, imaginative, always smiling, and loves children.

web VerityVerity

Montessori Guide at Children’s House

AMI Guide (3-6) by the Maria Montessori Institute (London, UK).
Native British teacher with extensive experience in Montessori Schools in the United Kingdom. She has a lot of experience in Montessori and the children are attracted to all her lessons, showing great attention and focus.

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Montessori Assistant at Children’s House. Spanish teacher at Children’s House.

AMI Assistant 3-6 by Valencia Montessori School, trained by Eduardo Cuevas. Preschool teacher. Bachelor of Psychopedagogy. Pianist. Her sweetness, tone of voice and great respect for children makes her great with all children. She does an amazing job in solving conflicts in the classroom.

Leyre Leyre

Montessori Guide at Primary

AMI Guide (6-12) by Centro Internazionale Studi Montessoriani (Bergamo, Italy). Degree in Psycology. Experience in Montessori schools internationally.

web JennyJenny

British teacher at Primary

Native British teacher with extensive experience in British schools. She is hard-working, always smiling and loves children. She enjoys telling stories and working with the children, always showing a passion and great dedication to her work. She loves what she does.

web JorgeJorge

Spanish teacher at Primary. Support teacher.

Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports. Primary School teacher. National Tennis Coach. He has a natural talent with children, everyone loves him. He creates a special magic in his classes in which all children feel valued and cared for.

web CristinaCristina

Gardening teacher at Primary. Support teacher.

AMI Assistant 6-12 by the Maria Montessori Institute (London, UK), trained by Allyn Travis. Degree in Environmental Science. Mother of two Montessori children and creator of “Montessori en Casa”. Convinced that education must respect and accompany the inner teacher of each child, she is a great Montessori advocate.