We believe that both the food and the education we give our children are paramount. Therefore, at Montessori School Almeria, we offer our children only healthy meals of the
highest quality possible. Our food is organic and locally sourced. We choose not to offer processed food with added fats or sugars. All our organic food is prepared without using artificial colourings or preservatives.

At Montessori School Almeria, lunch is a special time of day and also an opportunity to
educate our children into making good food choices, using delicious and nutritious recipes.

Children at Montessori School Almeria are responsible for setting the tables with tablecloths, china plates and glasses. Fresh water is available on each table. The children also like to place vases full of flowers on their tables.

Food is provided in a self-service manner. When the children all have their food and are seated at the table, we sing our school song.

We believe that meal time is an important time to create good habits and manners. The
children enjoy both setting the tables and cleaning up afterwards. To discourage food wastage, children are encouraged to only take what they will eat.

This video is a good example of the importance of food in a Montessori environment:

At Montessori School Almeria, we also grow plants and vegetables in our school garden, creating not only tasty fruit and vegetables, but also producing compost and recycling any waste.

Our menus are all balanced with fresh, ecological and organic products. They change monthly depending on seasonal products.

The menus of each month can be found at the Parents Zone of our website. Parents may like to share these menus with their children.

Please let us know if your child has any special dietary requirements.

A sample menu: