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The Montessori training to become a Montessori qualified guide through the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale), is performed through a program of rigorous training where the characteristics of child development and their needs are studied. The curriculum and materials associated with different age groups and complementary skills respect and support the development of children’s autonomy. Besides the constant self-observation and self-awareness, as Montessori guides seek personal growth.

We want to emphasize that the term Montessori is not patented and therefore is used by any school. Our way of ensuring established standards of Montessori is to make sure that our guides have the AMI certification.

Maria Montessori created the Association Montessori Internationale in 1929 to defend and ensure the quality of the prepared environment and the guides training. This association is dedicated primarily to ensure the quality of teacher training programs internationally. If parents are interested in offering an authentic experience of montessori school for their children they should know what to look for when visiting schools. For example: materials placed on shelves within reach of children, mixed-age classes, trained Montessori guides, interrupted work cycle of two hours and a half to three hours.

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