Infant Community

At the Infant Community we propose a bilingual family environment for children up to 2 years and a half where they feel physically and emotionally safe. We offer a Montessori prepared environment, AMI (Association Montessori International) certified guides working in pairs (English and Spanish). Environments are equipped with all the Montessori materials for their age and personal development. The atmosphere is suitable to fit the child, arranged in a concrete and precise order, intended to attract the interest of the child.

At this stage the atmosphere is divided into:

  • Practical life: The first activities introduced when the child arrives at the Infant Community. They are attractive, with suitable materials familiar to them as they use them in everyday life. They help the child develop fine motor skills and coordination as well as help develop the ability to focus on a task for longer periods of time. As a result, children become more independent which helps develop self-confidence and therefore, self-esteem.
  • Grace and courtesy: This activities help children learn how to ask for things, interact with peers and become partners in this small community, learning the first principles of life in society.
  • Art: Allows them to express themselves through painting with easel, watercolors, artistic expression with clay masses, different jobs with different colors… And discover the world around them from the senses.
  • Music and physical expression: Singing, dancing, lostening to different kinds of music.
  • Psychomotor: Children work on their motor skills with suitable materials for it.
  • Language: We give great importance to language. The guides always make a great effort to use precise language and to constantly enrich the vocabulary of children. Each adult speaks in a language, Spanish or English. Tales are told. Each child is observed and guided to acquire language, vocabulary, syntax and grammar. Language materials for this period are introduced.

Each of the activities of these areas develop in children the ability to follow a logical sequence, this helps them to work on order, concentration and memory, take care of themselves and the environment and develop independence, security, self-esteem and respect for self and others.

This video shows how an Infant Community looks like: