Montessori School Almería is a private school that offers a British education and follows the Montessori Pedagogy. Our school complies with the British Education System and follows the Early Years Foundation Stage and the National Curriculum of England.

Montessori School Almeria is one of the few schools in Andalucía which combines the quality of British education with the Montessori pedagogy. Indeed, it is the first British Montessori School located in Almeria capital.

It is a small school with a small ratio of children per classroom and provides an individualised instruction for every child.

Our Educational Team is formed by both UK fully qualified teachers and by staff trained in the Montessori pedagogy (AMI trained).

We believe that a Montessori education is the education of the future. Many of the principles and methods developed by Maria Montessori are prevalent in many schools around the world. We believe that to be a Montessori School is a symbol of educational excellence.

British education is regarded as amongst the highest quality education in the world. Our certification as a British School in Spain is a recognised symbol of quality education.

At Montessori School Almeria, we focus on providing an enriching, educational experience for every child. The individual development of each child is of utmost importance and we have a conviction that children’s skills and values will evolve when the social environment s/he experiences, is optimised for learning.

Our school is an environment which is physically and emotionally safe, respectful and stimulating, allowing each child to explore and actively participate, and fully develop their unique potential.