School Trips and School Outings

School Trips and School Outings

Complementary/ Educational activities

Any outdoor visits will be given within school hours and aim to facilitate wider learning. They may be guided visits to museums, trips through the city and will involve activities that strengthen the learning of the children. 

Within the parents area of the web you will find a calendar in which you can consult the quarterly activities.


We use parks, swings and green areas. Also the sports courts for basketball, soccer, etc. As well as the ramps for skating or skateboarding.


In Physical Education, Swimming is done one term in the pool to perfect the styles.

Beach Activities

Swimming, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, Soccer etc …


They take bicycle trips from the College.

Adventure sport

We carry out mountain activities such as Hiking, Climbing or Speleology.

Going out

Our excursions range from going to the Theater or Musicals in the Auditorium, Museums, Farm School, Fire Station and other activities of interest to children.

Monthly picnic

On the first Friday of each month we will have a picnic at the park or beach. This day is very special to the children because we eat outside.

Inspired visits

One day a month a “special” member of the community comes to the school to tell us about their life and profession.

It is a magical day for the children as they learn so much and can be inspired by something that they hear. If you know of anyone who may like to be involved, we would love to hear from you.

Show and Tell

Each Tuesday children can bring something from home to show and talk about with the class. It is an opportunity for all children to share things that are important to them with the rest of the group.

Extracurricular activities

They will be given outside school hours and enable the quality time spent at school to be extended. We offer interesting, fun and formative activities that enrich the integral development of the child. Any information will be posted on the website.

Activities for Parents

We have also prepared some workshops for parents and professionals. Solidarity Races and Markets. Coexistence activities.

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