In all ancestral cultures and in antiquity, changes have been given importance and these passages have been celebrated and ritualized.

Some of the changes we have observed when contemplating human development are the following:

  • The change from the absorbing mind to the reasoning mind.
  • The child that goes from being focused on the sensory to abstraction.
  • The change of having all your baby teeth to fall off.

All these changes have something in common; they occur around 5 and a half to 6 and a half and coincide with the transition from early years to primary school. What we would call the transition from Children’s House to Primary.

That is why when the 3-year process is closed in the Children’s Home and the Primary stage is reached, another new process is opened that deserves to be taken care of. To do this, we perform the candle ceremony. It mainly consists of the older children in the classroom giving the younger children a lit candle that symbolizes the light of knowledge and welcoming them to another new way of learning that begins at this stage.

ceremonia velas 2019

It is a ritual full of emotion and every year the children remember it with emotion.

On Friday, September 5, students from Montessori School Almería began their classes. And in primary the candle ceremony was celebrated.

ceremonia velas 2019 2

We wanted to let you know to you about this ceremony and share some pictures of the moment. A magical moment that makes learning an adventure and in which children come as explorers with immense desire to seek knowledge. This is a great time for them. In our school we look for passion in learning.

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Written by: Macarena Aznar Jiménez