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It is a meeting and reflection space for fathers and mothers in which to reflect on the process of motherhood. It is an opportunity for growth from the gestational stage that will allow parents to create a deep foundation to accompany their children.
An opportunity to grow with your child, a respected environment in which to get to know your child …
Montessori School Almería considers the parent community as an important part of your child’s education. Bringing Montessori practices into your home is simple. By teaming up with Montessori professionals, parent coaches and child-development experts Montessori School Almeria presents a wealth of guidance for parents seeking solutions to everyday challenges. The Parent Study Group aims to help parents to understand the essential principles and practice of Dr Maria Montessori’s work through a process of reading and discussion of key texts. It is a wonderful opportunity to meet and interact with other parents, and learn more about the Montessori world.This course offers the necessary tools to contribute to the physical, intellectual and moral autonomy of boys and girls for the stage.
Macarena Aznar Jiménez 
Manager and Founder of Montessori School Almería. AMI Guide 0-6 by Instituto Montessori de México. Mother of two Montessori children. Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports. Yoga, Dance and Sports Teacher. Positive Discipline Facilitator. Doula. Gestalt in Childhood and Adolescence.Happy to make Montessori education a reality for her community. She always takes care that everyone around her is well and happy and that the school fulfils its main mission to be a “Growing Place”, a place of growth for the whole family.


Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Midwives
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