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Welcome to Montessori Multi Sports and the Montessori Tennis Club
Multi-sport facilities that include tennis, football, basketball, and volleyball. This is a modern approach to tennis training. Think dynamic sessions catered for all abilities.
As well as learning to play and enjoy a wide variety of sports, the team building and personal development element of the program teaches children to think, problem solve and adapt in order to create the best environment for themselves so that any task they do can be an enjoyable learning process and result in success and happiness.
In a fun, safe and professional environment, as well as getting fitter and stronger, our children flourish and grow into empowered, young people who know how integral they are to the process of life and they become eager to expand; they become thirsty to learn and explore more and more; ultimately, they discover that they can enrich life itself because they have learned how to add their own value and vibrant colour to the world that they live in.
We want to encourage children to play throughout their lives – and be active too. So, if your child is aged 4-11, why not give it a try?
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